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Volunteer Policy/Opportunities


The Verona Lacrosse Club (VLC) is a volunteer organization, which requires the participation of its members' families to ensure its success. Numerous volunteer opportunities are identified on the VLC website under Volunteer Info.

Volunteer Guidelines

  • There is a minimum volunteer hour commitment of 12hrs to play with the club. The hour amount varies depending on the number of kids you have in the program. For each player after the first, the hours required are cut in half. Example: 1 player = 12hr, 2 players = 18hrs, 3 or more players = 21hrs
  • Hours spent volunteering at the Badger Spring Invite Events count as "time and a half" towards your required amount.
  • There are numerous game and non-game volunteer opportunities. (View volunteer opportunities below)
  • Families completing non-league game activities, such as field striping, fundraising, etc., should track these hours accordingly.
  • Youth Parent Reps and HS Team Managers will coordinate game day volunteering opportunities.
  • The system used for tracking volunteer hours will be communicated to parents by their Youth Parent Rep or HS Team Manager. Alternatively, parents will be asked to track volunteer hours using Sign-up Genius
  • Youth Parent Reps and HS Team Managers may implement and assign team-specific volunteer commitment deadlines to ensure volunteer commitments are met.
  • Volunteer opportunities for a family can be fulfilled by players 16 years or older or by players younger than 16 if under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Requests for exceptions to these age limit requirements may be granted by the Youth Parent Rep and/or HS Team Manager.
  • Families unsure of the status of their volunteer commitment should contact their Youth Parent Rep and/or HS Team Manager for a status update.

Buyout option 
Families who choose not to commit to volunteer hours for the league season can elect an upfront Volunteer Buyout option of $300 for the first registered player, $450 for two registered players, and $525 for three or more registered players. Families choosing the Buyout Option should submit a check to payable to VLC to their Youth Parent Rep or HS Team Manager. Please write BUYOUT and your Player's Name in the memo line.

Volunteer Deposit
Families not choosing the Buyout option are required to provide a volunteer check deposit payable to VLC at the start of the season for each player. Total hours for a family can be divided equally among the players. The volunteer deposit will be held by the Youth Parent Rep or the HS Team Manager. The deposit check(s) will be returned/shredded at the end of the season once it is confirmed that volunteer requirements have been met. For any families where it is determined that the VLC volunteer requirement has not been met, VLC reserves the right to cash the volunteer deposit check, and in exchange, provide the family with a check from VLC reflecting the total of their volunteer deposit check less a rate of $25 per hour for any unfilled volunteer hours.




The Verona Lacrosse Club (VLC) is a volunteer organization, which requires the participation of its members' families to ensure its success. Below is an outline of the numerous volunteer opportunities available to families.

* Denotes an EXEMPT volunteer opportunity that fulfills volunteer requirements for ALL players. No volunteer deposit is required for EXEMPT positions. All other volunteer opportunities are tracked by hour(s) volunteered.

* Board Positions: (All positions fulfill ALL volunteer requirements)

- VLC President: Provides direction to club. Oversees all club activities.

- VLC Vice President: Assists President as needed.

- Secretary: Record meeting minutes, email meeting summary as directed.

- Treasurer: Manage cash and banking, financial ledgers, and budgeting. Maintain insurance and required documentation.

- Girls HS Director: Oversees Girls HS program and coaches.

- Boys HS Director: Oversees Boys HS program and coaches.

- Youth Council Chairman: Provides direction and oversees youth club organization. Integral in getting season off to a good start and in promoting the sport to younger players.

- Youth Girls Director: Oversees youth girls program and coaches.

- Youth Boys Director: Oversees youth boys program and coaches.

Game Day /Tournament Volunteer Opportunities:

- Game Field Set-Up and/or Take-Down (Home games and VLC Hosted Tournaments).

- Culture Keeper: Reminds overly enthusiastic spectators to Honor the Game. Also serves as Sideline Manager making sure spectator and player sidelines are free from trash and/or items left behind.

- Clock/Scoreboard: Runs clock from box above field (starts/stops accordingly), plays national anthem before game and music before game and at half time.

- Announcer: Announces scoring player name, number and team, as well as sponsors.

- Penalty Time Keeper: Sits on sidelines, tracks time of penalties, counts down last few seconds of penalty, and then releases player onto the field. May vary slightly for boys/girls and different age groups. Also acts as backup for scorekeeper and clock.

- On-Field Scorekeeper: Official scorekeeper, notifies referee of how much time remains in periods. Also tracks player goals/penalties. For HS, this position may keep additional player statistics or there may be an individual Statistics position.

- Video (HS only): Videotapes games

Team-Related Volunteer Opportunities:

- Team Dinners (HS only): Associated with team games and team building.

- * Youth Coach or Assistant Coach: Online training provided. To register to coach, please go to and select Coaching Registration. Additional "Become a Coach" details and Certification steps under "Coaches" on website. Coaches pay refs, check will be cut for coaches from VLC funds.

- * Youth Parent Rep or HS Team Manager: Insures that all volunteer spots for game days are filled, helps parents with understanding volunteer roles, coordinates team correspondence, and is the liaison between player parents and coaches. THIS POSITION IS A TEAM REQUIREMENT BEFORE LEAGUE PLAY CAN BEGIN.

- * Youth Team Representative Coordinator: Primary point of contact for training and communication for Youth Parent Reps

Field Prep Volunteer Opportunites:

- Pre-Season Field Painting: Assists with pre-season field painting (training provided) - marking Fields - Sugar Creek (2), Badger Ridge Stadium, K-wing Fields (2 U10), Badger Ridge Practice Fields

- * Ongoing Field Painting: Adopt a field to maintain and retain responsibility for painting throughout the season

Clothing and Spirit Wear Volunteer Opportunities:

- Youth Uniform Coordinator(3): Works directly with Club Coordinator at the start of the season to sort, assemble and hand-out player packs.

- High School Uniform Coordinator(3): Works directly with Club Coordinator at the start of the season to sort, assemble and hand-out player packs.

Communications Volunteer Opportunities:

- * Graphic Designer: Work with related committees to design/update promotional pieces for club fliers and brochure for Trivia Night. May also include preparation of sandwich boards for certain events.

- * Social Media Manager: Manage and promote Twitter and Instagram accounts. Work with Webmaster on content.

- * Webmaster: Manage website content and layout. Upload/place sponsorship ads.

- * Sponsorship Chair: Solicit and coordinate sponsorships for t-shirt and website. Will be provided with a brochure containing all applicable information. Will work directly with other committee chairs and the webmaster.

- * Director of Communications: Crafting and sending out club emails.

Fundraising Volunteer Opportunities:

- Trivia Night Committee: Assist with Trivia Night by helping with one or more of the following: Set-up/Take-down; sell raffle tickets; obtain donations/gifts to raffle off; coordinate with hotel location; assist with Trivia question. Chair position fulfills all volunteer requirements for all players.

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

- * Equipment Manager/Coordinator: Orders necessary supplies at the start of season and on an ongoing basis throughout the season for teams/tournaments. Organizes Team bins for game day as needed.

- * Rental Equipment Manager/Coordinator: Helps hand out gear and collect security deposits of rental equipment at the beginning. Coordinate collection, cleaning and organizing of gear at the end of the season. Handles off season rental.

- Survey Coordinator: Prepares year-end and requested surveys for entire club, distributes results to board members.

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